Letchworth Golf Club



Junior Coaching

Saturday coaching development squads are run between 10.00am and 1.00pm every week. They are based on the simple principles below.

START, LEARN and PLAY. The START level is all about fun and is an elementary introduction to golf. The LEARN level is a move towards technical instruction through games based learning, always with the emphasis on FUN. The PLAY level teaches the children to apply their learning to the golf course, preparing them for club membership and competitions.

Traditionally, golf lessons involve reacting to how a player performs each week, but this coaching is all about setting the children a range of co-ordinated skills and challenges that vary from session to session. Each stage builds on the previous one, keeping their interest and giving them a wider appreciation of the game.

Meanwhile, quite apart from swing technique, I am passionate about instilling the values of the game – not just the nuances of etiquette but the life skills of honesty, integrity, discipline and consideration.

LGC has achieved ‘GolfMark’ in recognition for continued outstanding junior development of the game.

Andrew Hurley

PGA Professional

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