Letchworth Golf Club


What is Golf Access?

It is an exciting new format designed to help golf clubs encourage new participants to play golf for the first time, with the opportunity to learn the game on the golf course, rather than solely on the driving range or practice ground.
There are 9 different bands / levels for golfers to work through in Golf Access and a participant can progress to the next level as soon as they attain the band score or better. The participant can only move one level at a time after posting a score. All participants will start with the maroon coloured band.
When each level has been obtained, junior participants are presented with a coloured wrist band and certificate as recognition of achieving the corresponding level. Adult participants are presented with a coloured poker chip ball marker for every level attained.

Rules / Course Setup:
We play Golf Access on our Academy course which is 6 holes and a total yardage of 680. When a participant has played 10 shots on any hole, they must pick the ball up and move to the next hole, marking a score of 10 on the card.
When a participant has played 3 shots in a bunker they can pick the ball up and place the ball to the side of the bunker, no nearer the hole.

How we run it at Letchworth Golf Club 

Cost: Members: Free of Charge / Visitors: £10.00 per round (payable in the pro shop on arrival)

For full details on our process click HERE

If you have any further questions please contact Esther

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