Welcome to Letchworth Golf Club
Welcome to Letchworth Golf Club

Mike Amos Letchworth Golf Foundation Charity

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The Mike Amos Letchworth Golf Foundation (MALGF)

Supporting individuals

Our main aim is to help young individuals to become the best golfers they can possibly be. First, we encourage them to step out of their comfort zone, by competing in county events. These events give them valuable experience, competing against their peers and away from the familiarity of their home course. Next, we push them on to compete in regional and national events, some lasting two days or even longer, and some with half-way cuts. This is serious exposure at a much higher level, and is a real test of skill and attitude.

Once approved, we make allowances towards an individual’s entry fees, travel costs and subsistence, and we also make contributions to coaching fees. To gain MALGF support, individuals must agree a plan for the year with the Trustees: competitions must be of a suitable standard, and expenditure pre-agreed. We work closely with the applicants to ensure this.

If you are interested in knowing how you might benefit from this form of support, please contact Mike Slattery on 07747 865695 or  slatterymichael172@gmail.com

Supporting the Junior Section

In addition, we also allocate funds to help the club’s Junior Section. Our aim here is to help the Section to broaden its recruitment programme, and to build a strong base for future progress.

Over recent years we have already invested £12000 in junior golf by way of:

a succession of Winter Programmes designed to help Juniors improve their handicaps by coaching and practice during the close season.

launching Summer Academy programmes designed to enable improvement during the school holidays promoting an Outreach Programme by which the club professionals engage with local schools. The purpose of this is twofold: to introduce starters to golf, and to market the benefits of being a Letchworth Golf Club member.

paying the petrol used by the junior teams’ minibus (very generously supplied by Graham Hilton)

We work closely with the Junior Section on these activities, and if you would like to know more, please contact Chris Holden, Junior Convenor, Letchworth Golf Club.


Over the last 10 years we have supported more than 120 young golfers, aged between 7 and 25, with handicaps 36 to scratch (or even better!). During that period, MALGF-supported youngsters have gone on to become winners of both the Men’s and Ladies’ County Championships, The Hertfordshire Orders of Merit (Men’s, Ladies’ and under 18, net and gross), the Herts Open, the Sir Nick Faldo Commemoration Welwyn Jug (twice) and the Herts Colts Trophy. One has a handicap of plus 3, two are at plus 2, and a further 4 are scratch or better. Many are now members of the current Men’s Scratch Team who performed so well in the top division of the County League, and were clear winners of the 2017 league, having been runners-up in the two previous seasons.  Winning the Herts County Club Scratch Foursomes in 2017 is further evidence of the strength of Letchworth Scratch golf. The majority of the club’s current Men’s Scratch team came of age during the last 10 years and many have received major support from MALGF during that time.

One of the aims of the MALGF is to encourage young golfers at Letchworth to experience golf away from the familiarity and comfort of the home club. This policy is proving very successful. The number of Juniors entering open competitions at other clubs is increasing year on year. In 2017 Letchworth Junior Section had three winners in significant Open events throughout the county. Letchworth supplied four representatives in The British Open Qualifying at South Herts in 2017 and also had representatives in the Brabazon (The English Men’s Amateur Championship), The English Ladies’ Open Amateur Championship, The Welsh Ladies’ Open Amateur Championship, the English Boys’ under 14 Championship and in many major regional events.  Many juniors already have single figure handicaps. The future looks bright!

Letchworth is clearly a club where talented golfers can develop and thrive.

Where the money comes from?

This is heavy expenditure and it cannot continue without a regular inflow of funds. At present we rely almost exclusively on our Annual Golf Day to provide the money for these activities. This is a risky activity which depends on the continued support of the club, local businesses, and sympathetic individuals, and we are very grateful for the loyal band of supporters and participants who have made this a successful event so far.

Nothing in life can be guaranteed, however, and we constantly need to refresh our approach, add new supporters, and find alternative sources of income to ensure that MALGF can continue its activities well into the future.  If you are interested in playing any part in what we do, please contact us.

The Trustees

November 2017

Tony Parker                            parke_t@msn.com

Mike Slattery                           slatterymichael172@gmail.com

Paul Shadbolt                          paul@thpl.co.uk

Stuart Guyton                         sguyton@wkhca.co.uk

Charles McKay                       MCKAYC@sky.com

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